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Bounty Maine Coons

About adopting a retired adult...

Our breeding cats are our beloved family members. They have shared their lives with us and produced beautiful pets that have completed homes and made a profound influence enriching people's lives in remarkable ways. We are grateful to every special Maine Coon cat that we have used in our breeding program to provide such companions and it is often with much difficulty and emotion that we must place some of them, in order to keep our breeding program manageable and geared towards quality vs quantity/kitten production.
It is also our desire to give them homes of their own where they will not have to compete for affection. The screening process for anyone interested in a retiree is the same as that for a kitten. We want a forever home that will provide a rewarding life and endless love to them in the same way that they have provided these very things to others through their offspring. Many retired females become very sweet as a result of their previous maternal habits and bestow this affection upon their new families. Although it is a bittersweet decision to place our retirees, we know that this will only benefit them with an improved life once they adjust to their new environment. Not only do they regain their luxurious coats and contented dispositions, but their emotional well-being dramatically improves as well. We see them easily bond with their new families and transfer their love in a surprisingly seamless way. The breeding household has inherent stressors regardless of how wonderful their care may be. To free them of the life of a breeder is to give them a better life. To be able to offer them a happier life is the ultimate thank-you gift that we can give to them.
The adoption fees for a retired Maine Coon are considerably less than the cost of a kitten and are prorated/discounted according to their age. This fee includes the spay/neuter surgery, current vaccination boosters as needed, and a special "spa day" to ensure that they go to their new homes fully groomed and looking their best.
If you are interested in adopting one of our retirees, please email us regarding your interest with photos of your home and a written description of your lifestyle and family dynamics. It is often the case that the perfect home happens along when a family comes to pick up their kitten and learns that one of the adults is also available. We enter into much the same kind of contractual agreement with the owners of our retirees as we do with our kittens and reserve the right to reclaim the cat if the new owner is not longer willing or able to keep the cat.
When you take home one of our retirees, just as when you take home one of our kittens, you become a member of our extended family and we want to continue to hear from you and our beloved family member.

At this time we have no retirees available, but expect to be offering at least  Erasmus within the next several months.  Keep checking!

Bounty Gitane. DOB Feb 21, 2015. Black smoke tortie.  Gypsy has found her forever home!

This gorgeous girl has the most charming habit of sticking her tongue out! This does not make for a great show career, but you could not ask for a sweeter temperament or a more loving, affectionate kittie!



DUAL Ch Islandcat Druzy Bounty (Druzy).  Druzy has found her forever home!

HCM/SMA/PKD/PK-Def: n/n Echocardiogram normal Oct. 2014
Druzy was the Number One Dilute Tortie Maine Coon in TICA's SouthEast Region in 2015 and the Number Two Worldwide!




Dual Ch Bounty Baby Love, female, age 2 years.  Baby Love is in her forever home!

Baby was the Number One Black and White Maine Coon in TICA's SouthEast Region in 2015 and the Number Three Worldwide!
Photo taken at 16 weeks
Photo taken at 6.5 months



Ch Tucklebears Derby Day Bounty, female, age 3 years. DeeDee has found her forever home.



Ch. Santa Marta Tiberius Bounty, age 3 years.  Tiberius is in his forever home.


Ch Alwaro Calahan of Bounty (Calahan) Red classic tabby.  DOB 3/15/13.  Calahan is now in her forever home.

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Bounty Maine Coons
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